Back to normal!

We proudly announce the eighth edition of our annual international tournament on 21st / 22nd July, 2021

Here you can find all required information!



  • Mixed-lawn volleyball tournament
  • 6 against 6, min. 2 female and 2 male player per team


  • Registration deadline will be 12th August, 2021 (max. of 32 teams)
  • Entry fee: € 60 per team 
  • free access to the local swimming pool included
  • reduction: All teams that are able to recruit another team may get a reduction of the entry fee according to the distance of the canvassed team. (10 cent per kilometre for the roundtrip distance regardless of number of vehicles or used means of transport) The reduction cannot be higher than the official entry fee. (e.g. Canvass a team of Munich and your reduction will be 36 €)
  • Transfer entry fee and deposit to our bank account: IBAN: AT443633600007732373 BIC:RZTIAT22336 (add team name!!!)
  • The registration is valid only with the payment of the registration fee! 


  • Start: Saturday 9:30 am (responsible team official has to contact tournament director at 9:00 am)
  • End: Sunday, early afternoon
  • PARTY: Saturday at 9:00 pm – with happy hour and a surprise this year! Stay tuned!

Arrival and accommodation

  • The tournament will take place on the football ground Inzing (across from swimming pool entrance) 
  • For further information concerning your arrival click here
  • overnight accommodation may be the gym of the local school; camping possibility on a special area at the football court (bring your own tent!) 
  • information about hostels, bed & breakfasts etc. available on request


  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and other snacks are offered Saturday and Sunday 
  • Bar opened: Friday evening until official end (Sunday afternoon)

Please note that open fire and barbecues are prohibited (whole area) due to safety reasons! 

For registration and further information please contact:

Caroline Jäger
WhatsApp +43 650 886 57 57